C A G E Architecture would like to share your most talented and futuristic projects with as many people as possible. If you want to submit your project and have a chance to be published on archicage.com and in all our social platforms, send us an e-mail to cage.arch@gmail.com.

Please follow these guidelines for a correct project submission, send us:

– Drawings, digital illustrations, renderings, axonometries, plans or maps (technical drawings are not necessary, explanatory project GIFs or videos are encouraged)

– A word file .docx (or .doc, no .pdf) containing these informations:

01 Project title and subtitle;

02 Author/s name/s;

03 Place and year (also specify if it’s built or unbuilt, or an β€œon going” project);

04 Category among those listed below you could insert your project (you can also choose two):

– Installations
– Places of modern man
– Restoration
– Space architecture
– Social project
– Sustainability and nature
– Urban scale
– Utopia
– Other (which one?)

05 Small abstract, an introduction to your project (write what you are going to talk about or discuss);

06 Description of your project, which must be divided into paragraphs. Minimum 1300 characters, here are some questions that can help you:

– What were the design choices?
– What were the graphic choices of the drawings?
– Anecdotes or particular episodes related to the project?
– Why can this project be important for the future?
– What are the characteristics that make it a useful project?

07 Small bio about you, the authors or your team in third person (for example a description of your studies, your work, university, architecture studio or anything else, your interests in architecture and in general).

08 Instagram account/s and website is appreciated (if you have one, in alternative your LinkedIn is fine)

Wetransfer also accepted πŸ™‚

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