The Kids House

Explore yourself in adolescence


AUTHORS: Iakovlev Daniil, Krishtopchik Elena
PLACE: Russia
YEAR: 2019
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM [1]: @iakovlev_daniil_
INSTAGRAM [2]: @elena_krishtopchik


In the modern world, childs and kids socialization become very active due to the instinct of imitation, approval / disapproval of others, education, raising, advertising and propaganda. We propose to consider children as a social minority in early adolescence from 10 to 15 years be course at this age, children are acutely subject to social pressure from peers and adults.

At this age they are no longer feeling like children, trying to show themselves more mature, but are not yet perceived by adults as formed individuals with whom you can communicate on the same level. Therefore, communication with peers comes to the fore and becomes a source of development that can ambiguously impact on personality and individuality. Any group of people, and especially a school one, is a rigidly organized environment in which each element fights for its proper place. This is a valuable skill for life, but sometimes social pressure does not harden the child, but cripples it. At the same time, the child is actively impacted by the environment, which is rapidly changing and offers many possibilities, both positive and negative, including a huge amount of informational garbage and of course rapidly developing technologies that are rarely used wisely for the child’s self-development.

In order to restore the balance of the psycho-emotional and physical state, explore yourself, your thoughts and interests more deeply, immerse yourself in silence and dream a little, just to distance yourself from the crowd and its influence for a while, the child needs to have a place for solitude.

People who spent a lot of time alone, received an additional opportunity to explore themselves and their abilities, to dream, invent, improve. Creative activities do not tolerate haste, it requires focus on the subject and privacy. Idea of design is based on the principles of the impact of the sensory room on the emotional state and the receptors of the child. The sounds of wind and the rustle of foliage, the fresh smell of the forest, wood help to relax and immerse yourself, the use of soft transparent fabrics opens up senses to imagination, allows you to feel comfort and security.

The project proposes to pay attention to the adaptation of children in early adolescence in the conditions of the modern world, their perception of themselves and their surroundings and to allow them to determine their own interests without pressure from outside, explore, form their individuality and uniqueness without the influence of society. After all, the future of the whole world depends on what the younger generation will be.


Iakovlev Daniil and Krishtopchik Elena graduated at the Faculty of Architecture at the St.Petersburg Repin State Academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture of Russian Academy of Arts in 2016. Now they are freelancers and are engaged in architecture and design. They are interested in the direction of sustainable architecture,using wood and other eco-materials in their projects.

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