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The future of domestic space

A domestic atlas with oneiric spaces


AUTHOR: Vasiliki Bakavou
PLACE: Unknown
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @vicky__bak


<<My work is a domestic atlas with oneiric spaces that I wish existed and talks about the future of domestic space. Oneiric comes from the Greek word โ€˜oneirosโ€™, which means โ€œdreamโ€. The adjective oneiric is often used in movies theory to describe the dream-like elements. In my work an oneiric space is a place where everyone can use according to someone’s interests and needs.

As an architect I always design the space, but I don’ t live in it, so I like to give space for the unknown in my work and I prefer not to define everything but let the viewer figure it and come to their own conclusions. For example, the โ€œHome Yardโ€ image depicts the various living conditions that are spread over a garden full of trees and plants.

However, a sculptor can think of this domestic space full of sculptures or art, and a bicycle lover can imagine this space as a garage for wheels and tools instead of plants and trees. It is a place where there is no limit, where someone can enjoy infinite choices of use.

About my graphic style. Jony Ive says that it is extremely complicated to produce something that feels extremely simple. My drawing style has a more conceptual basis than an artistic one. I truly believe that architecture representation is not about a simple description of a future space, but it should be a portrayal of the atmosphere of each space. So, most of the times I design using architectural drawing tools like sections, maps, isometric drawings to illustrate the whole project on a technical way as they are very analytical.>>

Then I add details which give character to the space and allow an idea to exist beyond the limited space of my image. Eventually, bringing together different qualities, the whole work becomes visually layered and the real co-exists with the imaginary.


Vasiliki Bakavou was born and raised in Thessaloniki in northern Greece. She studied Architecture at Democritus University of Thrace and received her masterโ€™s in architectural design at University of Thessaly. Currently, she is working as an architect at a company focusing on store renovation projects. As for her graphic skills, Vasiliki is a self-taught artist. She loves Illustration and she is involved in different graphic design projects. She likes to think her work as playful and relaxed and if there is one word, sheโ€™d like to describe her drawings is arch_candies. Until now she enjoys the split between architecture and illustration.

Some of her projects here: Typologies


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