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Architecture Collages from 'Incontri' [Meetings]


AUTHOR: Kevin Prenna
PLACE: Various
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @seanprenn


The work wants, through a critical and provocative key, to reflect on the importance of pictorial and plastic disciplines in architecture after the writings of Adolf Loos “Ornament is sin”. In fact after this book the architecture was divided untill now, except in rare cases,from sculptures and figurative disciplines. The collage then acquires one of the 7 wise men of Melotti on loan to make it an architecture that stands out in a 19th century Piazza del Duomo still lacking the Magistretti, Portaluppi, Muzio and Griffini arengarios.

Giovanni Migliara_Veduta di Piazza del Duomo a Milano_1754

Fausto Melotti_I 7 savi_1960

Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers_Centre Pompidou_Parigi,1977

Roberto Crippa_Spirale_1952

The sculpture-architecture then presents an entrance on the neck where it is connected by the high-tech ramp of the very famous Pomipdou Center of Piano and Rogers. Finally, a mirage of a tripartite sun of a work by the famous spatial painter Crippa. Through the mixture, therefore, of various historical periods I like to bring the observer to reflect on the fusion of the different architectural / artistic experiments through the ages as a suggestion for future works.

Incontri‘ (Meetings) is a visual research where architecture find new relationships with other spheres like art,cinema and landscapes. I tried to connect different ages,locations and situations in various pictures where architectural subjects are predominant. The logical link, between the various elements, are the similiraties of their features.

With this outset, for instance, it’s easy to find the Luce Memorial Chapel by I.M.PEI in a chinese painting or the famous australian red rock Uluru put toghether with a brutalist german building. These meetings caused a lot of fusions which are very interesting because these strange connections generate new experimental contexts, that they can examinate together in a new surrealistic dimension.

John William Waterhouse_Miranda 1875

Frank O. Gehry_Walt Disney Concert Hall_Los Angeles,1999-2003

Constatino Peroni_Sculpture


Below, a series of other collages from “Meetings”.


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