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Episode 3 – Alvar Aaltissimo

Out of the C A G E


Alvar Aaltissimo is a 21st century architectural designer, who examines the marriage between architectural design, satire, current affairs and advertising. Examples of his projects responding to topical issues are those in the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic, such as the “Supermercato per una sola persona”, “Progetto per il salvataggio dell’Estate Italiana 2020”, “La casa balcone” and “La città di Vaccinia”.

Alvar Aaltissimo’s themes are transversal to architecture and set out to counter the volatility of “disposable” social content, by presenting structured projects that bring together visual references from both popular culture and architecture. In 2021 he published “Progetto per il Salvataggio dell’Estate Italiana 2020” and “Case Milanesissime” for Corraini Edizioni.



WARNING: Aalto, the famous architect’s surname, in Italian means “tall” and “Aaltissimo” means “very tall”. Alvar Aaltissimo is a very ironic page, so in this video you will find a lot of puns about the word Aaltissimo that can be hard to understand in other languages.

1. With which architect do you dream of collaborating?

I don’t dream because I am eternal!

2. If you weren’t an architect/designer/artist, you’d be… ?

I’m not just an architect, I’m Alvar A-A-Altissimo

3. The most realistic project you ever thought of :’)

“The largest church in the world”, inspired by Valerio Lundini (italian comedian)

4. An architect you appreciate less

All the “very short” architects (I’m Aaltissimo)

5. Autocad o Revit?

For this answer you must ask my unpaid interns

6. Collage or render?

It’s the same as long as you get the idea

7. If you could go back, you would choose again to attend your college?


8. Design a single house or an entire neighborhood?

Design the whole world

9. The peculiarity that all your projects have in common

They’re all “Aaltissimi” with a lot of “a”

10. My personal favorite project is…

“The supermarket for one person”

11. Describe your 2021 with a word


12. The role of the architect in the Metaverse

In the Metaverse there are only artists

13. What’s the last concert you went to?

David Bowie in 2020

14. The next place I’d like to visit is…

A project by Alvar A-A-Altissimo, which is me!

15. If you could travel through time, when would you go?

In the golden age of architecture

16. If you could travel through time, what era would you go to?


18. Why follow C A G E Architecture on IG

C A G E is a beautiful page

19. I hope that tomorrow…

– …we will be able to hope that tomorrow!



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