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My house is a Le Corbusier

Places for humans on the Unité d Habitation


AUTHOR: Annarita Tartaglia
PLACE: Marseille, France
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @annybaggins


The relationship between man and architecture is not one-way. Man and architecture can change each other, changing the perception of space and people that live in it. There is a deep connection between man and space, human stories and space stories. What happens when man and architecture meet is the reflection from which the project starts.

Human stories and feelings are brutally grafted, through cinema, into concrete stories. Through iconic images and movie scenes, the project works on a vision of human events which find a favoured viewpoint in the seemingly static inflexibility of Le Corbusier’s work.

The active background of the stories is the roof of the Unité d Habitation de Marseille.

The choice of the place comes from the fact that the roof had to be, in the project, that part of the building in which the collective life of the inhabitants had to be concentrated. Playing with background pictures and perspective plans, the final impression is that the man, who tells his stories through cinema, can find a shelter in the forms of architecture.

And from these forms, he can observe the world and be observed. The one who observes is brought to imagine, and to rewrite the stories of the characters.

In this way, the wedding scene from Salò by Pier Paolo Pasolini loses violence and becomes the story of a fairy tale royal marriage, Holly Golightly is waiting for traces of humanity in a postapocalyptic scenery lighted up by las Vegas lights, the young pregnant girl from the first scene of “Brutti Sporchi e Cattivi” by Ettore Scola becomes a modern Juliet waiting for Romeo (or a little Rapunzel lost in a mountain landscape) and Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson is the guardian of a mysterious place called Corbu Club.

By placing the characters in the forms of architecture, on the roof of the Unité d Habitation, these seem to become even more alive: humans with new stories to tell other humans, putting their well-known stories in a new context which can modify their reading


“I think that a deep connection exists between humans and space, and through this connection the architectural project is born. I’ve always found a great inspiration in the philosophic concept of man who is ‘measure for all things’, thinking about Architecture as the set of many instances that come from people. I’ve studied in Pescara, and through university years I started attending architecture studies and practicing design and graphics.”

Annarita Tartaglia works as university tutor, following design labs which focuses on rejected spaces, integration between historic heritage and modern issues, and participative urbanism. Annarita has always wondered about ways to communicate the relationship between man and architecture, and to make clear to everyone that it always exists. Her architectural references go from Modern to Italian Neo-Rationalism, while her graphic inspiration comes from Superstudio and Dieter.


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