A traveling landscape


AUTHOR: Altrove Atelier
PLACE: Roma, Italy
YEAR: 2017
INSTAGRAM [1]: @alexandru_dm
INSTAGRAM [2]: @onorareelieti


LANDgram is a landscape. LANDgram has many landscapes. LANDgram wants to represent the landscape that surrounds us, the one that we do not notice, the one that changes due to the action of time, space and human action.

The landscape, as the human being, is constantly traveling, absorbing the effects of time and accumulate knowledge.

LANDgram presents itself as a game. We tried to relegate all this in what we have called the “BOX”, in order to male tangible the changes of an evolving landscape in a continuous movement. We have defined our user, as a traveler-spectator, who can travel while staying still.

LANDgram can be associated to a game. To understand the components of LANDgram we can divide it in 2 elements, the “BOX” and the “LAND”, more specifically the pieces of the game and plants.


The Box represents the border of the landscape and has a pentagonal shape.

The Grid through 9 different colors identifies the ground for the various forms that the “LAND” have, in order to direct the correct positioning of the “LAND”.

Inside the 5 ORSOGRILL panels that work as The Structure.

The Structure is the network for the growth of The Green Walls formed by climbing plants.

Due to project requests the Box is coated on the outside by 19 sheets of OSB 9mm panels.


The Land are triangular based vessels.

The vessels have different heights between 15 and 120 cm each and fitted with castor wheels, in order to make them move, forming the various possible combinations.

The landscape is formed by 53 “LAND”.

For simplification the different “LAND” are divided into 3 different types:

– LAND 1: composed of a seat and a plant pot;

– LAND 2: only a seat;

– LAND 3: only a plant plot.


Below, a series of images of architectural modules, their composition and aggregation, their dimensions, the vegetation they host and their possible combinations.


Below, a series of project photos.


Musteata Dumitru Alexandru Born in Romania and later settled down in Italy. He took his Master Degree in Architectural Design in 2016. Intellectually formed as an architect in Dublin, Rome, Madrid and Helsinki, where he has worked at ALA Architects. Currently he is working together EDGE Architects in Rome.

Rieti Eleonora Currently student at the University of Roma TRE. She spent one year at the university of Lisbon where she had the opportunity to grow up academically. She is going to finish her studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Malaquais in Paris.

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