In Between

Niagara Falls Pavilion


AUTHORS: Enrico Capanni, Marilde Bianco
PLACE: U.S.A. Canada border
YEAR: 2019
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM [2]: @marilde.bianco


Between United States and Canada, between sky and ground, between water and stone, light and shadow, human and nature: the main idea is to achieve a path that makes the border between the countries tangible. In this way the project works like a zip, not a boundary.

The path on the water ends in a platform in the middle of the river, where two stone walls stands representing both United States and Canada. The pavilion is accessible only by water.

Under the platform, a hall accessible by two linear and symmetrical stair is the perfect place to enjoy the sound of water, looking at a void where water falls like the Niagara’s do. In fact each side of this “water void” represent one of the three Niagara Falls. Here visitors can stay, sit or rest as long as they want, close the eyes and feel the power of the river while water is flowing all around. Dim lighting helps to create the atmosphere, shadow is the master.

Behind the hall the path proceed in a long hallway. From the outside the space is more and more compressed. Light and shadow are now equal: alternated voids on the rooftop let the light in creating a rapid pace.

The introverse promenade ends in the middle of waterfall, cutting it like a blade. The space is now completely open. Visitors are in the middle of landscape on a new incredible viewpoint where they can look and listen at the river like they never did.

Between two countries, in a no one’s place. Between sky and ground.
Between water and stone.
Between Human and Nature.
A path on the water, accessible by ferry, takes you to a platform in the middle of nowhere. This path makes real the border, both parts are connected by a zip.
Two walls are rising at your sides representing the two countries. Can you hear and smell the water running all around?
A stairway takes you under the platform, in a hidden space facing a void where the water falls. Each side of the void represents one of the Niagara Falls.
Now, you can rest here and enjoy the view,
listen at the sounds, feel in a no-time dimension. Behind the stairs a path under the water starts, ending in a viewpoint that like a blade cuts the waterfall in two parts.
Here you can touch, listen, feel and see the water like you never did.


Enrico Capanni was born in 1995 and is an architecture student at Università degli Studi di Firenze, at the moment settled in Lisbon thanks to the Erasmus program. In 2017 he opened an Instagram profile where works developed between studies, competitions and collaborations with different architects are showed.

In January 2019, with Davide Ferrera and Diego Bernabini, partecipate in the competition “ArkXSite Capel” with a project named “Chapter IV”. In May 2019 the project named “REPETITION ACT”, in collaboration with Andrea Pintus, Roberto Miglionico and Arianna Giulianelli won an Honourable Mention in the international competition “Re-use the Castle”. In June 2019 the project named “INBETWEEN”, in collaboration with Marilde Bianco, won a Gold Mention in “Rethinking Competitions”. From august 2019 he works in collaboration with Martinelli Luce for visualization projects.

Marilde Bianco is an architecture student at Università degli studi di Firenze since 2014. In 2019 she partecipe in her first competition “Rethinking Competition_Niagara Falls Pavilion” with a project named In Between and get a Gold Mention.

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