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The best drawings of 2021

A selection of 30 drawings, collages, sections, render and axonometric


Choosing the best drawings of 2021 on “C A G E Architecture” was not easy. This year, more than 300 projects have been published on Instagram only!

We believe in the power of ideas. The idea of ​​a project is much more important than its realization: if we only thought about achievable things, there would never be progress! And sometimes the ideas that seem impossible to us turn out to be the most interesting and inspiring!

History itself teaches us that architects such as Le Corbusier and Mies are not only remembered for their achievements, but for their thinking aimed to the progress: many of their projects were real experiments!

Where can we get the most inspiration from other than the best drawings of 2021 of unbuilt projects?

Here is a selection of 30 unbuilt projects from Instagram including drawings, collages, sections, renders and axonometric. You will find old and new techniques, two dimensional and three dimensional, narrative and analytical, utopian and practical.

All gathered under the name of the same community: that of “C A G E Architecture”. Enjoy!


“The six selected territories create a common story. They are worked in 6 triptychs which evoke, for each document, a new questioning. Seen as archetypes, they form a collection of territorial samples of the representative powers and oppositions actions of France. A map, a fragment and a dreamlike proposition arethe results of our research on those question about power and its opposition.”

Learning from France by Inès Journoud and Laure Nicoud. More here.

Variations on a theme by Gabriele Siani

“In contrast to the controversial but globally accepted solution of burying radioactive waste in deep geological repositories for over 100,000 years, this project proposes the recycling and recovery of nuclear waste, postulating the progress of current experimental decontamination technologies.”

The village inside the Nuclear Power Plant by Sabina Blasiotti. More here.

“Built in a Day investigates territories of hypergrowth through drawing. The challenge of accommodating millions in rapidly urbanizing environments has seen the rise of the vertical city – often, an environment of terrible beauty. By questioning the role of the earth as a datum, this project explores the disruption of the high rise typology central to the megacitiy, creating narratives of horizontality based on a speculative fiction.”

Built in a day by David Verbeek. More here.

City Room by Vlad Kapustin

“To what extents innovative approaches based on standardized solutions are able to represent the optimal response to our cities without causing the neutralization of the selfsame cities?”

The False Mirror – Europan 13 by The False Mirror Project. More here.

“New additions or violent subtractions would influence the existing architecture and seemed doomed to become overly demonstrative. Modernity emerges in our scheme not as a formal imposition but rather as a subtle adaptation through technique. We propose to redefine the organization of the interior spaces, while the exterior image of the building will remain practically untouched.”

Museo Nacional del Prado by OMA. More here.



Author: Francesco Decaro

Born in 1995 in Conversano, Puglia, he graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari in 2020 with a thesis on rural architecture in the Fujian region, China. During his academic career he studied in Spain for two years, in Cartagena first and Valencia later. In 2017 he founded C A G E Architecture. In 2021 he co-founded Nebra Skay Studio about sustainable design.


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