Descent to the beach area

Beach tower at Cape Tarkhankut


AUTHOR: Alexandra Gubkina
PLACE: Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea
YEAR: 2017
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @l_23.59_l


The project is a “beach tower” focused on the problem of descent to the beach area at Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea.

Building a structure with a staircase and an elevator in this place will meet multiple goals. The most important is the descent to the sea. The total length of the coastline of Tarkhankut is more than 50 kilometres with a height of 32-40 meters. There are no descents on the cape. The project will provide access to water twenty-four / seven for all social groups, including people with disabilities, with a beach tower.

The next goal is the availability of amenities. Hire of sport equipment, cafe, bar, a place for meditation, chill-out, media zone and viewing point. All these functions will allow people to diversify their leisure as much as possible and enjoy the time spent on the territory of Tarkhankut.

It’s not a secret that modern people are Internet, phones and PC addicts. We are literally drowning in a virtual reality, which sometimes has more significance than the real life. Thus, there is a need to create space capable of awakening a person. Such a space should give different sensory experiences, from interactions between people to interactions with the space itself. These sensory experiences are obtained with contrasting scales, plays of light and shadow, mystery and continuity, and the choice of an architecture that incorporates “ancient” forms.



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