Above and below The Cloud

Permanent MUCC home


AUTHOR: Francesco Decaro
PLACE: Murcia, Spain
YEAR: 2017
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @_frankie9


Can you cross the clouds?

“Above and below the Cloud” is idea that becomes reality. The project consists in the construction of the permanent MUCC home and follows the same thread of the temporary installation of the festival, designed in the “Cuartel de Artilleria” of Murcia; in fact in this project the “cloud” is figuratively realized as the roof of the building, in this case a continuous slab of concrete.

The basic idea of the project, as well as that of preserving the features of the existing building and the place in general, aims to create a chameleonic building, capable of hosting any type of activity and event. The double nature of the building is kept intact: massive access block and “light” pavilion supported by pillars.

The access to the building is on a pedestrian street (currently private) where, to accommodate the viewer, there is a massive block in white concrete, which leads to the large longitudinal pavilion. Minor access opens on the long side.

The project stimulates the visitor’s sensations through different spaces. In fact, access from the main entrance is completely different than access from the secondary ones, as the main entrance seems to “swallow” the visitor to prepare him for a total view of the great space of the pavilion. The secondary entrances force the visitor to pass under the “suspended” concrete blocks and then be able to enjoy the entire height of the pavilion.

The pavilion and the access block contain all the activities below The Cloud: spaces of the community, of exchange, of conversation, of comparison.

Light plays a fundamental role as it manifests itself in different forms: continuous (the south windows), like a horizontal band (north windows), with patches (the roof skylights).

To access the activities above The Cloud you have to cross the two central pillars of the pavilion or the “Stairway to Heaven” staircase.

The spaces above The Cloud, two curtain walls on a large terrace, are spaces of introspection, of study, of silence.


Below, a series of photos of the model (1: 300). The building is made with 3D printing, while the area around it is made of cardboard.


Francesco Decaro studied architecture at the Bari faculty. He completed his studies first at the ETSAE Cartagena, Spain, and later at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain (ETSA). He focuses his studies on the architecture of the future, through C a g e, of which he is the founder and curator.

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