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Unbuilt project is a clothing collection with an unprecedented aesthetic imaginary, clean and attentive to details, characterized by a quality manufacturing and performant fabrics. It’s born from a collaboration between CAGE and the eco-sustainable design studio NEBRA SKAY STUDIO.

In an era where architecture more and more often takes refuge in unbuilt projects, it was time to concretely realize something: we decided to realize some products that can be present in the everyday life of people. However, the pieces of the Unbuilt Project collection are not only objects. These pieces are  containers of our idea of the world as it has to be in the future. They belong to a refined aesthetic imaginary and communicate the need for innovation and sustainability, the need for a change in the approach to consumption in fashion.

The design of clothing has allowed us to actually create objects with which to convey messages. We did it with fashion because it  was not possible with architecture, that does not only depend on the will of the architect, but on a series of technical, economic and bureaucratic constraints. Making everyday objects like these finally allows us to respond in a tangible and immediate way to global problems.

When so many people choose to collectively embrace an idea, then the great changes that seem utopian come about. So this is an unbuilt project… until everyone is wearing it.


The pieces of the Unbuilt Project collection are made with recycled multifilament polyamide, an eco-sustainable fabric made by ECONYL®, transforming waste, such as fishing nets or industrial plastic, into nylon filament.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon has the same performance and characteristics as nylon from fossil sources, with the difference that it can be infinitely regenerated. No new resource is used for the creation of these fabrics and is given new life to the many nylon waste that is scattered around the planet.

The fabric of our products is hyper resistant, elastic but able to maintain over time the original shape. It is a technical fabric suitable for any type of use, breathable and incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin.

Our products combine performance and comfort with an iconic and recognizable aesthetic shape, treated in detail.

Designed individually by an architect, to collectively design the future with people.

This is an unbuilt project, until everyone is wearing it.

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