The Tabletop ArchMachine

Main copia _ re mining giali

Re-mining Giali

Main _ Mediterranea _ Villa Jovis


Main _ Subtractio _ The new museum in Travertino of the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore


Main _ exit _ concept architecture


Main _ MAXXI Innovation Hub _ historic city

MAXXI Innovation Hub

Main _ Rabbit hole _ A safe place to be mad and make art therapy

Rabbit hole

Main _ Eden Beyond Euralille Surfaces _ underground parking

Eden: Beyond Euralille Surfaces

Main pic _ The Hockney House _ artist's house

The Hockney House

main _ In between Spaces _ post war architecture

In between Spaces

main _ 24 7 _ mixed use building in venice


Banner _ Valley of Spectrum _¬ Future City _ chromatic Transformation of Daegu Urban Landscape

Valley of Spectrum

main _ pe • rì • ac • ton _ modern Palladian villa

/ pe • rì • ac • ton /

Main _ Repetition of Construction _ temporary architecture

Repetition of reconstruction

Architectural routine 1 _ abstract spaces _ main

Architectural routine

Main 2 _ Waystation _ kindergarten architecture


turn trah into energy

Strings of Life

Main _ Villages in the Sun _ urban villages

Villages in the Sun

The production of space…

Piscina Mirabilis

8+1 Acts of Body Drama



Hive Mars


The Simulator of Creativity


Geological Transparencies



Beyond Industry

Heritage Machine

Dancing is politics

Interferenza (Interference)

Wien School of Arts


The Cloud

The Kids House

In Between

Following the trace

Repetition Act

A museum of architecture

Main _ Origami Habitat _ Origami House

Origami habitat

Holographic Reality


Main _ Sofia Future library competition


Main _ utilitas _ parasites in the city


main _ the future of domestic space

The future of domestic space

Buildings that tell a tragedy

Sodoma & Gomorra

Main _ on the shoulders of giants _ roman architecture

On The Shoulders of Giants

Main copia


Main _ São Pedro Psychiatric Hospital _ From Invisibility to Integration

São Pedro Psychiatric Hospital

Rooms And Resistance

Main _ Calabrian Blueprint _ Calabrian territory

Calabrian Blueprints

Main _ ArrecifeLAB Arrecife


Main _ Reincarnation Network _ Mumbai mixed use housing

Reincarnation Network

Main _ The Fabulous Super Library _ contemporary library

The fabulous super library

Main _ Parawanowiec _ Defining space through Parawaning


[re]thinking [re]drawing

Building common[s]

Point, line and surface

Archetype of Memory

main _ Follies factory of imaginations _ kids architecture

Factory of imagination

Main _ Innocence Reborn _ The Ageless Playscape

Innocence Reborn

Main _ dialogues _ Antonio Lupi Headquarters concrete building


A Hammam in Yazd

Main _ Inside the grid _ students housing

[Inside] The Grid

Descent to the beach area

main _ My house is a Le Corbusier _ unite d habitation

My house is a Le Corbusier

Main _ Lovable remains _ cemetery architecture

Lovable Remains

Main _ just my cup of tea _ expo

JUST my cup of tea

Main _ Dorian Manhattan _ floating city

Dorian Manhattan

Banner _ Revised the Future (Meetings) _ architecture collages

Revised the Future


Main _ Between sky and water _ bathhouse architecture

Between sky and water

Main _ Black cube in Calcares _ observation tower

Black cube in Calcares

Main _ Ouroboros _ the persistence of the ruins


Main view _ The poetry of the ruin

The Poetry of the Ruin


Vicus Aureum

Main _ Hiding and unveiling _ observatory tower landmark

Hiding and Unveiling

Main _ The Cloud _ suspended structure

The Cloud

Main_ Calambur, a dream for an Industrial city Estate


LANDgram _ landscape architecture


The Digital Panopticon

Hortus Conclusus


Terra de Asorei _ main

Terra de Asorei


Main _ Roma Interrotta _ nolli map of rome

Roma interrotta

Above and below The Cloud