We are an independent online magazine.

We share innovative and futuristic projects EVERY DAY, far from those of the main architecture magazines.

We give space to students, young architects and small firms to show their unbuilt projects.

We believe in new generations and in the ability they have to build a better world.

We are C A G E Architecture!

β€œArchitecture of the future is coming” is a pretentious motto that reaffirms the desire to break up old models, conceptions, studies on architecture, design and on any other related matter to embrace new possibilities in a world that travel faster and faster.

“To all the professors who belonged to a different generation of ours: this world moves fast! Put pride, your stupid studies of past things, your tastes, your beliefs aside! The mistakes of the past are leading us to destruction! You have the possibility to guide the generations of the future, and if you don’t want to help us, put yourself aside! My generation has the moral task of believing in a better future, with specific and futuristic proposals! People used to tell us to look to the past to avoid the same mistakes in the future, but I say: let’s look directly to the future!

Discover our tangible proposal to improve our future, discover our collaboration with Nebra Skay Studio


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