The family house

How to modelling an house | Kevin Abanto
Lima, Perù | 2017


The project is located in Lima, Perù in an area with three free fronts. It consists in an house that comprises a built area of 466 m² divided into two levels.





In the first level it is located the social area, services and the private zone, separated by a courtyard that allows to illuminate the whole house. In the basement there is living a romm, private living room, sewing workshop, sculpture workshop architecture workshop and deposits.

The project consists of three important spaces; two stand out for the curvatures produced by a triple and double height, generating sensatios of spatial amplitude being respectively the social area and the room of the parents, the third important spaces is the central courtyard, this being the end of the project.


After an interview, i made a compilation of data that allowed me to make a feedback of the time lived together as a family.


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