Calabrian Blueprints

Exhibition in Lamezia Terme


AUTHORS: P. Iaconantonio, V. Guarini, S. Sart
PLACE: The Calabrian territory
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: Unbuilt
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The Calabrian territory has always been considered as a coveted destination for travellers coming in from all over Europe to witness an enchanted landscape, romantic at times. As the enlightment century has redefined the meaning of the Grand Tour in the Southern part of Italy, the 19th century has changed the classic mith with  economical misery and cultural backwardness, the enchant with dramatic landscapes and the risk of a violent land being defined  as “Africa” together with Sicily. Calabria as we know it today, has kept its introverted character, less prone to be understood. Over the time the image of mountains, forests, coasts, plains and valleys has been irredeemably melt with viaducts, tunnels, wind turbines, dams and trellisses.

The result now is a new vision of the  Calabrian landscape, disregarding the  elements, and identifies itself with them. The relation between landscapes and architecture is indissoluble, creating a series of structures and artefacts which are specific of these places.

“Calabrian Blueprints” uses this “alphabet” to compose a new vision of the landscape, reinterpreting some of the iconic places of the Calabrian territory as a plan  to build utopias. The landscape elements are sintetized in abstract monochromatic signs whom communicate the expressive strenght of the landscape.  The architectural alphabet of the golden grafts depicts monolithical and regular structures, outlining firm shapes in a precarious balance between abandoned architecture and  golden future which brings Calabria back to the 19th century engravings.

The language conveys, through expressive parallel and heterogeneous forms, the graft of architecture among the cracks of  the Calabrian landscape.

Making the relation between a spontaneous natural/anthropical planning and a global image aware planning, a crucial point of a vision of utopical architecture described in this expositione, intended to cause the will to rethink landscape.


Ancient engravings which narrate the rural aspect of Calabria becoming the foundation for the graft of new architectures through the overlapping of an utopical golden layer.

The engravings used as the foundation are signed by Jules Coignet and found in the volume: “Italie pittoresque. Tableau Historique et descriptif de l’Italie, du Piemont, de la Sardaigne, de Malte, de la Sicile et de la Corse”
De Norvins, Nodier, Dumas, Didier, Walckenaer, Legouvé, Royer, Berlioz, De Beauvoir, Auger printed by Amable Costes, 1834, Parigi.


On the orography of Calabria, unfinished architecture and abstract volumes are inserted. The models can be moved and rearranged to underline how the graft, detached from the context,  becomes an essential part of the representation of the territory and alters its perception.


A series of compositions, reintepretations and synthesis of blueprints, which describes through a pictorial abstract  language more rapidly and unbound from techniques and realism of the landscape engravings, representing the most immediate perception of  the scenery, to the point of resulting in the exercise of the style itself.


The unfinished works are added and subtracted from the context, unveiling more layers of interaction with the landscape. The void left from the materialityl being of the work reveals a landscape that seems lacking of an element which now belongs to the landscape itself, the subtracted and isolated architecture  lacks of a context where to embed the consolidated mutual belonging.


‘Calabrian Blueprints’ is a reflection on Calabrian landscape curated by Pasquale Iaconantonio, Vincenzo Guarini, Salvatore Sart and Alterazioni Video.

Site specific setting realized for C.R.A.C. “Centro di Ricerca per le Arti Contemporanee” – Lamezia Terme (CZ), Italy

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