Black cube in Calcares

A place for observation


AUTHOR: Aureum 40°
PLACE: Pamukkale, Turkey
YEAR: 2017
STATUS: Unbuilt
INSTAGRAM: @aureum_40
WEBSITE: Aureum40


The Mimesis between the base of the building and the landscape creates a sense of infinity. Limestone overlapping with limestone, the object blends with its immediate surroundings and shines up to the top of Pamukkale.

Among the clouds triumphs the black cube. It is both a place for observation and a reward for those who make the climb. Hotel rooms are placed along the white limestone body and are surrounded by the stone. The top of the observatory/museum also provides a 360° view of Pamukkale’s landscape.

The black marble Cube is a Monolith [ μονόλιθος ] and represents a monumental architectural archetype. From our perspective the observatory is not only a place to observe, but also an element to be looked and a symbol of a “preferential point of view”.

Our idea is to link two materials [ faire la liaison]: one mimetic and in the same line with the context and the other one which represents a point of break. Often we propose the black marble in our project to underline strong elements. We are annoyed by the architecture that hides herself: we love the extreme addition of the monuments.

We need to distinguish between the prose from the poetry. “A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.” [Louis Kahn]

The project is tied up to the concept of the climb,  go on up the limestone shaft of the tower, step by step, up to the architectural catharsis [ κάθαρσις ] of the black cube.

The cube is the element that gives us the panoramic sight and conquest the context as a moon of black marble that illuminates the dreamers.


Aureum40° is a collective of architecture. It is born in 2015 with the intention to spread our idea of architecture. The continuous experimentation founded upon the principle of a raw and direct architecture. The sketch like a system of rules, through lines and silhouette, pure forms and suggestions. A paradigm rich in contradictions as the fortieth parallel.

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