Meninas 2.0

All palaces are temporary palaces | Pablo Saiz
Royal Palace, Madrid, Spain | 2017

[01] The situationists

I became interested in the situationists when they spoke of revolutions. revolutions where their goal is to leave behind the old representation rules and look for new ways of experimenting in politics as well as a cultural production, where the project is born.

[02] Big brother

Where privacy is not an invaded right, whereas a weapon that they use to create their own character. Big brother’s strategy is not to sell a product that is previously created through a tv cannel, but to build an event that creates itself in the spectator’s mind. In this way, its esence is to reach as many people as possible.



[03] Giambattista Nolli

I’m interested in Nolli’s representation of the citizen’s experience in Rome, 1748.

[04] Media

I’m interested in media. Its continuous growth and development, as well as its power to reach everyone have made posible the expression of public opinión. It’s the cultivated public the one that generates the public opinion which leads the way of consuming culture. The “leit motiv” of the project.

[05] Telecinco

I’m interested in Telecinco and its strategy. It has the ability to offer the spectator contents that can only be consumed live and that at the same time can be commented about in social media and make the spectator believe that they are part of it.

[06] Public space

The public space is a like a big net of wired elements, where the main character is itself. Privacy must be understood as an open concept. Its definition changes depending on the relations that are made with space, its functions or fiction. Its interesting to comprehend the way it leaves the public and private dichotomy and gets closer to the individual’s experience.

[07] Joseph Mallord William Turner

I’m interested in the perspective and Turner’s water color world, in the way that our sense of space and time orientation have drastically changed as a result of new technology. The perspective of the 20th century spectator is able to break lineal time.

[08] Koolhaas

Koolhas is tired of the weight of discipline and the fire in the chinese televisión tower.

[09] The spectacle

I became interested in understanding what the spectacle was. I’d like to think about it as a way of socializing through an already built artificial reality, far from our own experience.

[10] Alison y Peter Smithson

I became interested in Alison and Peter Smithson’s “this is tomorrow” when they design a scenery that makes visitors part of the exhibit and defines them through a series of images and objects to make their own associations and interpretations.



My articulate element, my monument

Felipe IV’s family, as described in 1734’s inventory, is considered the most important work of Diego Velazquez, painter of the spanish “siglo de oro”. It was finished in 1656. It is also one of the most analized and commented artwork of the art world. There are approximately hundreds of versions and imitations around the world as well as interpretation in several museums, which is connected to the way the show “Big Brother” works. A domestic scene of the royal family as a number of characters that live together.

The drawing completely captivates the spectator, in this way, he feels integrated as the first witness of action, leaving behind its passive condition. Telecinco’s strategy.



On December 25th, 1734, a misterious fire appeared in The Alcázar of Madrid, an old medieval castle that the Austrias dynasty had converted into a residential palae. The fire was suspected to be originated in the room of the court’s painter Jean Ranc. Even though effort was made top ut out the fire, it went on for 4 days, and nothing could be done to save neither the building or the 500 pieces of artwork that were burnt, along with some of Diego Velazquez’s pieces. In the same way, on March 30th, the show Big Brother appears in Telecinco. marco’s reaction to alyson and antonio’s “edredoning”. A new case of jealousy that makes a conflicto.



Maybe, Jean Ranc, looking out for what was to come, decided to burn the “Real Alcazar”, same as Koolhas with his chinese tv building. Back to what I’m interested in, I’d like to find that place, the room of the prince. So I’m starting top lay with overposition of big living rooms so I can find that room today.

Madrid’s planimetry. It’s even more interesting how the royal family have made the public space theirs by closing up that big square in the south part of the palace.

So. I got my scenery, able to hold the last 10 arguments. and now its time to decide who is going to be part of that show. Three elements: tourists, castizos and swaggers.

So. I got my scenery, I have my actors, I need a script.

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