Ideas Competition “El Campillo”, 5th Prize | Rubial Sanchez
Badajoz, Spain | 2018



Intramuros is the method of producing quality housing that, based on popular architecture and passive design strategies, generates spaces for contemporary life that complete the urban fabric in which they are inscribed.




The goal is to overcome the dichotomy between traditional architecture, typical of the historic city centers, and modern architecture, by proposing, as the masters José Luis Fernández del Amo or Alejandro de la Sota in Vegaviana (Cáceres,Spain) or Esquivel (Sevilla, Spain) , popular architecture as a sum of the traditional human scale and modern abstraction.



The set of passive design strategies apprehended by popular architecture (good orientation, cross ventilation, walls thermal inertia, use of convenient materials) and new technologies (photovoltaic panels, aerothermal systems, External Thermal Insulation systems) allow us to cut the energy demand of the building near the standards of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB).




Both the materials and the construction systems chosen for the development of Intramuros respond to sustainability criteria from the popular architecture, that is: use of local materials, straightforward construction, apprehension of the historical environment through the materials, etc., and from passive design strategies: reduction of waste during the construction process, good orientation of the building, elimination of thermal bridges by External Thermal Insulation systems, maximization of solar gain, etc.



The sum of popular architecture and passive design strategies, together with the strong presence of the place and the examples of modern masters allows Intramuros, from the soberest construction, to generate spaces of great value for contemporary housing.




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