House A12

Duplex house | Lucas y Hernandez-Gil Architects, Cristina Dominigue; collaborators: Raquel Marcos, Isabel Rodriguez, Lucia Balboa, Maria Dominiguez, Carlos Dominiguez Lucas
Madrid, Spain, 2018

This is a project for a duplex house of 300 square meters in the first floor of a building with natural lighting from two courtyards.The stair that connects both levels is the main element of the house, being the heart as a link, visually reinforced with handmade tiles in two colors. This operation artistically stands out and also structures the house. It is inspired on Mark Rothko color fields emphasizing the contrast between both levels and the uses of each one.


As G. Bachelard says on The Poetics of Space everyday movement up and down the stairs takes us on a phenomenological journey, from cellar to attic, to show how our perceptions of houses and other shelters shape our thoughts, memories, and dreams.

About Lucas y Hernandez-Gil

The studio works on architectural projects, as well as on interior and graphic design, seeking a different point of view, merging curiosity, intuition and trade. This work is imbued with the idea of The Craftsman, as defined by Richard Sennett, and tries to discover a story where all the elements fit together in every project. for more.

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